Teeth Grinding Relief in the state of Georgia

Protect your teeth for a lifetime with help from a local dentist.

Teeth grinding is not just a bad habit—it’s actually a medical condition called bruxism, and it includes unconsciously clenching and grinding your teeth during the day or night. The bad news is that it can damage your jaw, wear down your teeth, and give you awful headaches.

Protect your teeth from long-term damage by talking to a dentist in the state of Georgia about treatment options for bruxism.

Is There a Simple Fix?

Unfortunately, no. Teeth grinding is one of those common but complex medical conditions. It affects about 8-10% of the population, though most people grind or clench their teeth on occasion. Mild cases may clear up on their own with little intervention. However, if the problem is severe, there are treatment options available.

You may be surprised to know that bruxism is not simply a matter of stress. There are many physical and psychological conditions that lead to this condition. That’s why it is important to work with your dentist to investigate possible causes including:

  • An abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth, called malocclusion

  • Underlying medical conditions such as earache or acid reflux

  • Sleep-related problems such as sleep apnea and snoring

  • Use of certain drugs and medicines

  • Stress, anger, or anxiety

  • Habits such as clenching jaw to help with focus or concentration

Protect Your Teeth

Whatever the cause, it is important to protect your teeth from the pressure and damage of teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Your dentist may recommend the use of a device similar to a mouthguard. These custom-made mouthpieces will aim to alleviate jaw muscle pain and protect your teeth from damage.

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