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Losing your teeth is no fun, but there are ways to make it better.

Today’s dentures are strong, natural-looking, and custom made for your mouth. They are designed to be comfortable and reliable. But more importantly, a good set of dentures will help you look and feel healthy.

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Common Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

For extensive loss of teeth there are complete dentures. These appliances are designed to cover an entire row of missing teeth helping restore the ability to chew and to keep the appearance of a natural smile. In cases where most but not all teeth are gone, it may be recommended to extract remaining teeth.

Your dentist may recommend temporary dentures, known as “immediate” that will protect the gums while they heal. Your dentist will then construct a “conventional” set of dentures that will serve as a long-term replacement for lost teeth.


If you are only missing a few teeth in a row, then partial dentures may be the best choice. They restore your ability to speak clearly and to chew foods. Partials are made of advanced materials that are both strong and natural-looking.

Unlike crowns and bridges, partials are removable but anchored in place with special attachments. In order to get the best fit and ensure a comfortable transition to using partial dentures, your dentist may recommend adjustments to adjacent healthy teeth.


While you may not have heard of them, overdentures have been an important option in dentures for the past two decades. Overdentures are much like conventional dentures but are anchored by remaining teeth or by dental implants. Wearers appreciate the improved stability, strength, and chewing power of this option.

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